Michael Dión is an Egyptian/African singer, songwriter, record producer, model and actor. A former protégée of the late industry veteran manager Steven E. Kurtz [Christina Aguilera, SWV, P!NK, The Doors] and 90's football superstar Andre Rison. Michael got his start songwriting for acts such as Britney Spears, Jamie Foxx, Lisa ''Lefteye'' Lopes hit group Blaque's Natina Reed, Warner Bro's/Netflix's Fuller House, Jodie Sweetin, and Tori V to vocal producing various other artists around the globe.


Born in Rochester, NY; Grew up in Winter Garden and Orlando, FL but calls New York City home. The youngest of four and the father of 5 year old daughter Ephesians; Michael began singing at the tender age of 7, he also recalls watching music videos from day in and out; and saving his allowance to purchase his favourite musicians music to study their vocal arrangements and read the cd jacket inserts for information on who put the albums together. ''I've always been deeply invested into my craft because I wanted to perfect each and every element music. I used to put cd's in my Sony Walkman and pull the headphones slightly out to hear the isolated background vocals and how many stacks, notes and levels they were adding to complete the song.'' adds Michael. Citing influences of Whitney Houston, Babyface, Missy Elliot, Diane Warren, Tony Thompson, LA Reid, Mr. Cheeks, Kashif, Beyonce & Jay Z.


Michael travels frequently around the world and is currently residing in London, England. Multi-dimensional and talented, Michael has completed his debut EP + Album written. vocal produced and engineered himself at his rented London flat. Determined to set the world on fire with his fresh face mesmerising looks, angelic vocal harmonies, and unique approach to songwriting; Michael has only just begun to win the hearts of Pop/R&B audiences across the world. Michael Dión's video and rendition of the iconic group Queen's ever classic tune Bohemian Rhapsody in support of the now Academy Award Film of the same title speaks up for his super musical powers as a singer, songwriter and music producer!



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